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How To Use Self Storage Johannesburg for Watches and Clocks

Self Storage Johannesburg for Watches and Clocks

Considerations For Storage Units Johannesburg for Watches and Clocks

How does one go about Self Storage Johannesburg for Watches and Clocks? Theses devices allows us to achieve one of our most fundamental needs, the ability to keep time. They are complex machines, with precise internal mechanics. Works of art, built by renowned designers, from rare and valuable materials. Some can even be investments, antiques or heirlooms of sentimental value. This is exactly why so much thought should be put into their storage. Watches and clocks have fragile machinery and delicate ornamentation. Here are some things to consider.


A complex question, it is. It depends on the piece really. Essentially, clocks are delicate instruments, and should be treated as such. They can be damaged, when subjected to direct sunlight, extremes of temperature or dampness. They should not be moved more than necessary. Ultimately, there should be proper preparation, packing, maintenance and the right Self Storage Johannesburg for Watches and Clocks facility.


Self Storage Johannesburg for Watches and Clocks – Preparation

Watches and clocks should be thoroughly cleaned before being placed into Self Storage Johannesburg for Watches and Clocks. For the extra cautious, consulting an expert technician is a great idea.

Some collectors keep their automatic watches on winders. A winder will keep them precise, when there is no movement. Many winders also act as protective cases. This can save you the hassle of finding suitable packing material. However, some watch enthusiasts caution against the use of winders. As some might damage the watch. keep separate pieces such as weights, pendulums etc.. with the clock, or clearly label them before going into self storage.

Self Storage Johannesburg for Watches and Clocks – Packing

The proper packaging is important in guarding against a Self Storage Johannesburg for Watches and Clocks foe–dust. It clog parts of old watches. Keep them in boxes or display cabinets when not in use.

Ideally, save your watch or clock’s original packaging. Then repackage it before going into self storage. Remember, that packaging may not have been designed with space efficiency in mind. This is obviously a concern with any self storage unit. Don’t use bubble wrap as padding. It can retain dampness, and cause the steel in the movement to rust.


Self Storage Johannesburg for Watches and Clocks Environment

Clocks should be stored in a cool and dry area, not in a damp basement or loft. The best location is out of direct sunlight. The best way to protect against environment, is to rent a climate controlled Self Storage Johannesburg for Watches and Clocks unit. Old watches are especially vulnerable to damage from humidity and dust. Also, make sure the clock is kept off the self storage unit’s floor, by putting it on a stable base.


Self Storage Johannesburg for Watches and Clocks – Maintenance

You can’t simply stick your timepiece in a self storage unit and forget about it. All mechanical clocks should be lubricated , on average, every three to five years. They should also be cleaned every 10 years. This removes all dust and dirt. Storage Panda recommends you enlist the help of a qualified technician, in this regard.


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