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So you are looking for self storage in Johannesburg. Self Storage in Johannesburg has become quite a complex market for self storage Johannesburg users to search through. Where does one start when searching through self storage in Johannesburg, South Africa. Use Storage Panda to consider dozens of self-storage factors, and multiple self-storage facilities in Johannesburg. You can then choose the right self storage in Johannesburg that suits your needs according to price, size and location.

This has lead to the birth of the self-storage search engine in Johannesburg, called Storage Panda. Search for all your self storage needs in Johannesburg, South Africa according to size, price and location.

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Storage In Johannesburg – What Can’t I Store

self storage in Johannesburg

Storage in Johannesburg- What Can’t I Store

Specifics vary from storage in Johannesburg facility to storage in Johannesburg facility.

Storage in Johannesburg facilities will often not allow the storage of:

  • Perishable items (like food and drink)
  • Plants
  • Animals
  • People (dead or alive)
  • Hazardous, noxious or flammable materials
  • Illegal drugs
  • Explosives, firearms and other weapons

Some self storage johannesburg facilities allow self storage of registered firearms, but you may have to purchase additional insurance.

Can the storage in Johannesburg facility help me move in?


Depends on the self storage Johannesburg facility check out Storage Panda for more details

What can I store in a storage in Johannesburg unit?

Self storage facilities are typically meant to store household or business belongings. There are also specialty self storage facilities in Johannesburg options for wine and vehicles. Check out the items you can’t store below for a better idea of whether or not you can us self storage in johannesburg to store your items.


  • Self Storage of a Refrigerator
  • Self Storage of Wine
  • Self Storage of a Mattress
  • Self Storage of a Wedding Dress
  • Self Storage of Emergency Food
  • Self Storage of  Electronics
  • Self Storage of  Vinyl Records
  • Self Storage of Wood Furniture
  • Self Storage of a Guitar
  • Self Storage of a Snowboard
  • Self Storage of a TV

Label All of Your Boxes and Keep an Itemized Record of items in storage in Johannesburg

When moving, write or attach labels to all of your boxes and storage containers. There are a few different ways you can organize your stuff with labels, but the best ways are by item and room.

  • By Item: Labeling boxes and storage containers by item is good when you have lots of similar items. For example, a bunch of photo albums can be put in one box labeled “Photo Albums,” which keeps them together and makes it easier for you to find all of them when unpacking.
  • By Room: Let’s say you have several kitchen appliances and utensils in one box. It’d be hard to categorize them by item. In this situation, it’s better to label them by room. That way, when you’re moving the box into your new home, you’ll know it needs to go into the kitchen because it’s marked “Kitchen.”
  • Once you’ve packed and labeled everything, make an itemized record of what’s inside your boxes and containers. The more detailed and itemized the list, the better.
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